Where in the World of EMS is A.J.?

In Saint Paul, Minn at ImageTrend & the ImageTrend Connect Conference

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Saint Paul by Day                                                         Saint Paul by Night

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I’m in beautiful Saint Paul Minnesota attending ImageTrend’s Connect Conference. In its 7th year, the Connect Conference has grown to over 600 attendees and is now offered at the expansive RiverCentre in Saint Paul.

I was asked to participate as a judge for ImageTrend’s popular Hooley Awards. The Hooley Awards were created to recognize ImageTrend clients annually for their contribution of innovation and excellence in the ImageTrend community, as well as in the communities they serve.

There are 5 Top Nominees in each category – Innovation, Service and New Frontier:

  • Innovation Award – that recognizes an ImageTrend client that uses a product in a new or innovative way to meet the needs of their service, department, state or hospital.
  • Service Award – for the use of data to further the safety of a community or reach community goals by adding additional programs, adding resources, or integrating systems.
  • New Frontier Award – that recognizes a service, department, state or hospital that has gone above and beyond the call of duty, breaking new ground or serving in a humanitarian way.

ImageTrend started in 1998 with just two employees in a 320 square foot room, but today has more than 160 employees working in its Lakeville, MN headquarters. As the office space and number of employees grew over the years, so did the experience, services and products.

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ImageTrend serves EMS, fire service, critical care services, hospitals, trauma divisions and government agencies across the United States and in Australia. They offer data solutions in a multitude of areas including:

  • EMS & critical care solutions that connect to CAD systems, revenue recovery solutions, hospital EMRs and even Health Information Exchanges. This allows EMS providers to get a complete picture of the patient’s relevant history and, more importantly, patient outcomes. Their systems make the most of automated data import/export, pre-population of data and live data though integrations and through a Health Information Hub. Image Trend’s Elite software was selected as one of Hot Products at JEMS’ EMS Today 2015 conference. Elite was rolled out in 2014 Elite as the first fully-certified NEMSIS-3 compliant platform for prehospital data collection and processing.
  • Fire Department Records Management Systems (RMS);
  • Hospital Exchange and Registries;
  • Alert and reporting systems that feature Triggers, milestones, trending and predictive reports, and mapping to determine areas of significance in a community;
  • Billing bridges, enterprise solutions, Preparedness and Response,
  • Custom data management and secure Cloud storage;
  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine connected solution that includes patient history and timelines, and KPI dashboards that allow agencies to focus on patient-centric care; and
  • EMS license management that helps EMS agencies completely manage the licensing process for their personnel, services and vehicles. Self-service features make it possible for applicants to apply for new licenses or renewals online, or for the public to verify certification of a licensee.

I got a chance to tour ImageTrend’s modern, spacious facilities with company president, Mike McBrady. He is a man that is clearly proud of his company, a no debt company, as his employees are.


The Company’s philosophy, which its staff truly believes in and postulates, is to listen to client needs, develop superior and flexible solutions that support future growth and offer world-class support. Many of their staff come from the field (EMS/fire/rescue) so they really want their clients to be satisfied with each product and solution.

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that’s probably true in the case of ImageTrend. Inside the company’s headquarters you see dozens of cubicles and meeting rooms abuzz with activity.

Under each person’s cubicle and office nametag is a description of each employee based upon Strengths-Based Leadership characteristics. So you know what each person’s strengths are and McBrady told me that it also serves as a key learning and mentoring opportunity for other employees.

In addition to bright, spacious work stations, employees enjoy modern kitchen facilities and a cafeteria that makes them feel right at home.

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McBrady took a group of us inside an ImageTrend programming meeting that looked like a modern college lecture hall with each staffer at a computer and the capability for each to see their work on a massive wall that allows they each to see and critique their work efforts.

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I also toured the company’s robust service section, an area important to me and probably you. I found the staff, many who have served as EMTs, firefighters or paramedics, eager to resolve any issues their customers have because they understand their needs.

There are numerous husband/wife teams employed by ImageTrend and the company truly caters to them and their families.

Pictured below are images I took of ImageTrend’s amazing, modern daycare center “little trenders” where McBrady joked they are cultivating dozens of brilliant new programmers every day. It was an amazing facility, segmented into areas that cater to all pre-school age groups.

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Company President Mike McBrady showing conference attendees the “little trenders” Daycare Center.

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                                                                    Daycare “cubbies” labeled for each child


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                                      A group of employees’ children listening intently to their section director
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The youngest children get one-on-one attention by daycare staff (Their happiness is apparent on their faces)


Stay tuned for a report on the winners of ImageTrend’s 2015 Hooley Awards which will be announced at its annual conference banquet Wednesday night,


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