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A.J. (MacGyver) Heightman’s Homemade Wound Packing Simulator

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This is one way to teach crews how to pack wounds.  They learn to apply packing and press it against a bone until the “bleeding” stops. Supplies needed: 1 roll of GLAD Press’N Seal IV bag and 10 drop IV set-up A syringe and red food coloring (to make “blood”) 2 lbs. of ground beef 2 large […]

The Adventures of Watermelon Man

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This shows you how to turn an inexpensive, medium-size watermelon into a fun and challenging suction and BVM trainer. What follows is the step-by-step process to create a Watermelon Man What you need: A medium size watermelon, about the same size as a human head; A BVM with the mask(s) you want to use with […]