A.J. (MacGyver) Heightman’s Homemade Wound Packing Simulator

This is one way to teach crews how to pack wounds.  They learn to apply packing and press it against a bone until the “bleeding” stops.

                         GLAD Press’N Seal

Supplies needed:

  • 1 roll of GLAD Press’N Seal
  • IV bag and 10 drop IV set-up
  • A syringe and red food coloring (to make “blood”)
  • 2 lbs. of ground beef
  • 2 large ribs (from a butcher shop)
  • 2 rolled paper towels
  • 1 sharp knife

#1 – Pack 2 lbs. of ground beef tightly together.

2 lbs. of ground beef 

Pack it tightly

#2  Place 2 rolled towels between the 2 ribs, then wrap the ribs, IV tubing and paper towels in Glad Press’N Seal  (Like a hotdog in a bun)

#3  Inject food coloring into the IV bag to make blood and wrap ground beef around it all.   Then wrap it all  tightly with GLAD Press’N Seal

#4 Stab the knife into the center of the ribs

#5  Have crews pack the wound (deep and tight) to stop the flow

#6.  When the person packing the wound is done, cut open the package (the “wound” you made) to show crews how packing worked.

Source:  A.J. Heightman – JEMS Editor-in-Chief





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