Where in the World of EMS is A.J. Heightman?

A.J. is in Los Angeles, Calif. visiting with JEMS advertisers.

A.J. and West Coast sales consultant Mike Shear are in L.A. County visiting several JEMS advertisers.  They’ve been looking at some innovative new products that you soon will see in the pages of JEMS and at the JEMS EMS TODAY Conference in Charlotte Feb. 21-23. There are lots of great sessions planned in areas that aren’t being talked about anywhere else in the United States.

JEMS has redesigned EMS Today and the JEMS Games Advanced Clinical Competition to be in line with what you have requested and what the current trends, science, protocols and technology warrant. A.J. will be posting lots of info on all these innovations and conference sessions soon.




In addition to visiting with advertisers, A.J. and Mike visited the World Famous Philippe’s French Dip Restaurant. Billed as the home of the French Dip sandwich in downtown Los Angeles, the restaurant is across the street from Union Station and close to both L.A. City Hall and Chinatown.


The restaurant opened in 1908 and has remained virtually the same since, including five functional phone booths and antique train car displays.

It’s a place to put on your bucket list if you are in or passing through Los Angeles.  When you order a sandwich, you pick your bread and cheese and ask that it be dipped in the aj jus “single, double or [completely] WET!”




There’s a unique style of service at Philippe’s, that dates back to its opening, in which lines form in front of the long deli-display counter at each of the “Carvers.”


Each Carver has everything needed to prepare your meal: sandwiches, salads, soups, chili, sides, dessert, beer, wine or coffee.

The plates are paper and the service is fast.  If you should forget that crisp dill pickle or later decide you want a slice of pie and a cup of coffee, don’t worry, there is a line at the right of the counter for all “non-sandwich” items.

After you have your tray, you can find a spot to sit, either at a community table, a booth or in one of our upstairs dining rooms for something a little quieter.


The food has to be good if LA City Fire Department Paramedics eat there!

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