EMS Moon Gazers

While at the National EMS Safety Summit in Denver, I took time, along with fellow speakers Christopher Colwell, MD, and Jon Krohmer, MD, to go outside during a break and look as silly as the rest of the world in our special glasses that shielded our eyes from the unseen sun rays.

  “Why didn’t I form a shell company to sell these eclipse glasses to millions ($$$) of gullible people?”

A.J. “Eclipse” Heightman, JEMS Editor-in-Chief. 


“It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s Chris Colwell, MD, (left) and Jon Krohmer, MD, (right) gazing at the eclipse!”


Christopher “Look at the Moon” Colwell, MD, is Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center and Professor & Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine.

Jon “Stargazer” Krohmer, MD, is the EMS Director for the National Highway Transportation Administration EMS Office.

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