Sweet EMS Ride: Motorcycle Response Units at 2018 European EMS Congress

After doing careful research and hearing great reviews from the JEMS/EMS Today Conference panel on the effectiveness and efficiency of EMS motorcycle response units, particularly in high traffic areas and large crowd venues, Copenhagen EMS CEO Freddy Lippert, MD and his staff purchased a well-designed BMW EMS Response Motorcycle for use in the Copenhagen EMS System.


The high performance, well-designed inaugural EMS Response Motorcycle.


A Physio-Control AED is carried in the rear compartment, just behind the radio transmitter storage compartment.  The radio system is tied into the paramedic’s helmet for hands-free communications.

Staffed by a specially trained paramedic, the bike features a 20-minute oxygen tank (blue case) in the right rear compartment and a red BLS kit underneath it.

The left rear compartment is where the complete ALS medication and care kit is stored. It mirrors the kits carried on all Copenhagen ALS response units.

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