Important Documentary for all emergency personnel to watch tonight on CNN

Good for all emergency personnel to watch   A Must-See Documentary Tonight on CNN I would like you to get the word out for emergency personnel  to watch an important documentary that will air tonight at 9 p.m.on CNN entitled “The War Comes Home“. I am actively involved in efforts to make emergency service providers […]

What Sibling Love is all About

Want a feel good moment.  Watch this clip.

“Bernie” Goes to work at JEMS and the San Diego/La Jolla VA Hospital

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“Bernie” – A.J. Heightman’s Bernese Mountain Dog, a certified Therapy Dog – spends the morning at the JEMS Offices in La Jolla, CA before A.J. takes him to the Veteran’s Hospital in La Jolla to spend time comforting the troops, their families and the VA staff.  Bernie is 3-year’s old and weighs in at 135 […]

Where in the world (of EMS) is A.J

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The massive and modern-day mechanical wonder flew like it had never left the ground.

EMS Word for the Day

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A friend sent me this EMS Snigletts definition and I thought I would pass it along.  Flatulence, ( n.): Emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been run over by a steamroller.  

Where in the World is A.J.’s Kidney Stone

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Stabbed in the Back In my March Editor’s Page, entitled “You Have a lot of Nerve,” I talked about the various types of pain patients experience and noted that one of the most complex types of pain is invisible  pain, pain the patient describes or complains about, but you either can’t find a cause for or don’t […]

Chevrons, Chevrons everywhere!

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Rear of a Ladder Truck at FDIC Side compartment door of ambulances built by PL Custom Ambulances (NJ) for Baltimore County Fire Department Rear of a Rescue Truck at FDIC A plit striping pattern on a rescue truck – Still very effective Reflective back and lower side striping = ver effective Chevron striping goes from […]

Ferno introduces revolutionary patient transport & loading system at the FDIC in Indianapolis

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    30,000 emergency responders got a chance to see the new FERNO iNX Patient Transport and Loading System at the FDIC conference in Indianapolis recently. Just as the space shuttle revolutionized and simplified complex space travel and payload delivery to the International Space Station, the new Ferno iNX Patient Transport and Loading System, introduced […]

Amazing New Stretcher Released Today By FERNO at the FDIC Conference

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Join Fire Engineering EMS Editor Mike McEvoy and JEMS Editor-in-Chief A.J. Heightman as they introduce you to the FERNO IN/X Patient Platform that require NO LIFTING. Just introduced today to the EMS and Fire Community at PennWell’s FDIC Conference in Indianapolis – attended by 30,000 emergency responders. Watch the 30 minute Google Video show and […]

Where in the World of EMS is A.J.?

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A.J. is at PennWell’s FDIC (Fire Department Instructors) Conference in Indianapolis the next few days. FDIC is one of the largest emergency service conferences in the world attracting more than 30,000 attendees to the show, which features over 800 exhibitors. Many of the attendees have EMS responsibilities, so the exhibit hall is packed with EMS […]

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