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It’s Critical to Seek, Synthesize & Incorporate All Available Patient Information

Imagine going on multiple calls with limited dispatch information. When you arrive at the scene and approach the family to obtain important incident history, mechanism of injury or patient information, you’re told rather bluntly, “We already gave that information to your dispatcher. We’re not repeating it to you!” You might not be too fazed by […]

An Insider’s Perspective on Pain

All pain is not created equal. It’s important providers have the capability to not just triage pain like they triage severity of conditions at a mass casualty incident, but also understand the causes, location and effect of pain on the patient. It’s most important that we sympathize with the patient experiencing pain and do all […]

Ten Commandments of EMS Leadership

I’m an incurable pack rat who has always held onto historic EMS files, photos, equipment and documents. It’s a trait I possessed long before coming to work for JEMS. But it accelerated soon after I moved to California to work with Jim Page and getting involved with the making of his The History of EMS […]